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Meet Kim and Russ

Kim and Russ Imlay are native to San Diego. They were neighbors and met in 1982. Russ parked in front of Kim’s house to go surfing, and that’s how they met. With a shared love for the ocean, Kim and Russ became friends, fell in love, were married in 1985, started a family with 3 girls, and bought a house in Normal Heights. 

Their Yoga Studio journey began in 2006. They bought San Diego Yoga Studio at a time when they thought their world was falling apart. Russ had been in the surfboard industry since the early 80s and the biggest distributor of the foam to make surfboards had closed its doors which sent the whole industry into a state of panic. 

Kim taught yoga at San Diego Yoga Studio and various studios in San Diego, UCSD, and was office manager and cleaned San Diego Yoga Studio.

San Diego Yoga Studio went up for sale.

Russ and  Kim took a risk and mortgaged their home, and with help from family purchased San Diego Yoga Studio. 

Kim and Russ had no business experience just a pure love of yoga.

The style of yoga that Kim and Russ practice is Iyengar Yoga. It is an alignment-based form of yoga that is sequential. It starts with foundational poses such as standing poses Triangle, and Warrior poses and moves into seated poses, backbends, and inverted poses like headstand and shoulder stand. Each pose has a physical and mental effect which leads to a more balanced life inside and out. Kim found Iyengar yoga to be a boon to help manage her scoliosis. Kim has been certified in the style of BKS Iyengar since 2003. Russ began his yoga journey after battling low back issues when he turned 40, and when his back issues were interfering with his work and surfing he started taking classes at San Diego Yoga Studio and has not looked back. 

Russ and Kim believe yoga becomes a part of your lifestyle keeping you healthy, flexible, and strong in mind and body to move through life’s challenges keeping you healthy to do the things you love.  

Over the 15 years that Kim and Russ have owned the studio they have enjoyed meeting students and teachers from all over the world as they walked through the blue door. Kim and Russ are very grateful to be a part of so many lives. 

Kim and Russ now live in the neighborhood they grew up in. Still have a shared love of the ocean.  They have one grandson and three grand dogs. 


Kim Imlay, Owner of San Diego Yoga Studio
Russ Imlay, Owner of San Diego Yoga Studio

Students are talking about us!

I have been practicing Iyengar yoga since 1994. There was an extended time when for one reason or another I did not practice at a studio, with a teacher. My home practice was minimal at best. Although I continued at home, I started to have issues with back, neck, shoulders and …… as I aged. My neck got so bad I feared I would no longer be able to ride my bike. Having tried a chiropractor in the past I know this type of treatment was not suited to me. I went to physical therapy and at the same time started back taking classes at the San Diego Yoga Studio. I noticed improvements through going to yoga class and not much with the physical therapy exercises. I dropped PT and continued yoga, increasing my home practice and the number of classes per week. After about 2 years of a committed practice I noticed an increased awareness in body and mind, while getting stronger and more flexible.

Iyengar yoga is giving me a better quality of life. It is something I know I can and will continue for my body, mind and soul. I am so grateful that the San Diego Yoga studio remains available to me and others. Thank you, Kim and Russ.

Lori L

I discovered Iyengar Yoga and the San Diego Yoga Studio nine years ago I can truly say it has changed my life. The use of props and focus on alignment made this form of yoga possible for me as others weren’t at the time, and I was able to heal, improve my flexibility and strength, and reduce stress. I fell in love with Iyengar Yoga and this studio in particular, which is friendly, inviting, and nurturing. Everyone involved, from Kim and Russ, the owners, to the many teachers and students, have become like family. I’m stronger, more flexible, calmer, and enriched, and cannot image a life without yoga.
Leslie R

When I was searching for a yoga studio several years ago, I only knew I wanted an Iyengar studio, but I knew very little about yoga. I’m so grateful to have found San Diego Yoga Studio. The owners of San Diego Yoga Studio, Russ and Kim Imlay, are premier  instructors committed to coaching each student’s understanding of how yoga impacts their well-being. I have learned an incredible amount from them – about what is Iyengar yoga, what it means to practice, and how yoga impacts my daily life. In fact, my family has told me that I’m a happier person after yoga practice and my chiropractor says he does not need to see me anymore (since practicing yoga regularly)!

Kim is, patient, a certified expert instructor and excellent at building each class to safely strengthen and expand your body movement range while helping you tweak and challenge your poses. She shares reminders that I “hear” in my home practice. Also, I really appreciate that San Diego Yoga Studio offers specialty classes (e.g., inversions, yoga studies, ropes). At the inversion classes, Russ has a wonderful ability to make the poses seem doable and has helped me gain confidence with my inversion poses. I strongly recommend San Diego Yoga Studio to anyone interested in learning more about yoga regardless of level of experience.
Karen F