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Get the most from your Yoga practice with these tips.

Yoga is an ancient discipline which has evolved over thousands of years. The practice of Hatha Yoga (physical postures) brings about improvements in strength, flexibility and balance. This results in better posture, improved circulation and concentration, stress reduction and a sense of well being. Apply the following guidelines to get the most from your Yoga practice.

Yoga is Joyful! Be light and have fun.

Please wear facial covering to studio, be respectful, social distance, and wash your hands frequently.

Everyone comes to class with different levels of strength and flexibility.
The classes are taught in an individualized manner. Resist the urge to be competitive.

Each class is taught as a sequence of poses, gradually building in intensity.
The beginning and end are important components of the class. Please be on time. If you must leave early, allow yourself a few minutes of relaxation before you go.

Sometimes the stretches are intense.
To avoid injury, do not force your body beyond its capacity. Come out of a posture if it does not feel safe to you or if you experience any pain in a joint. Talk to the instructor.

Questions or comments during class are encouraged and welcome.

Avoid holding your breath.
Remember to breathe in the asanas.

Feet should be bare. Wear shorts, footless leotards, or other comfortable workout clothes. Blankets, mats and other props provided.

Personal hygiene is important for the consideration of others.

Avoid wearing perfume or cologne and strongly scented cosmetics, lotions, and hair products.

The stomach should be empty. Allow at least two hours after a meal before practicing Yoga.

Special Needs:
Please inform your instructor of any injuries or chronic ilness (this includes injuries past or present and/or medical problems such as high blood pressure or heart conditions). Some exercises could be harmful under these conditions, but could be modified so as to actually help.

Menstrual Period:
Ask teacher for special sequence. During menstruation, avoid inversions and strenuous postures. We would be happy to show you appropriate alternate postures you can do during menstruation.

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